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  World of War Buildings in any scale 

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Bunker Emplacement


These files are for personal use only and not for resale.

Bunker Emplacement - STL Files

This is a fortification for soldiers to gain cover from enemy fire.  Thousands of bunkers like these were buiilt as they were sturdy and quick to construct.

These files have been checked and printed to make sure they are error free.

I offer an after sales service so if there are any changes you need or added extras required please just ask.

All STL files will be emailed to your PayPal address unless otherwise stated.

All files are initially sent in 28mm scale, downscaling by 75% will give you 20mm and a further 75% will give you a 15mm 3D print. All files work fine with from scales 15-28 any smaller and I cannot guarantee details will remain printable.

I currently use Flashforge printers and my current settings when printing are for standard printing and what I have found to be fine, I haven't tinkered with settings so they might be better available but I print with no issues with these.

  • PLA print temperature is 200 degrees, heat bed is recommended for adhesion at 50 degrees.
  • Layer Height of between 0.18mm and 0.27mm.
  • Infill 15% every 2 layers with a hexagonal pattern.
  • Print Speed of 60mm/s, Travel Speed of 80mm/s.

If more information is needed please ask but I can only answer print related queries for my printers, feel free to use your own settings for your particular make of printer.

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