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  World of War Buildings in any scale 


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Normandy Church

Posted on 22 April, 2017 at 5:40 Comments comments (0)

well a whole week taken adding the brick detail to the outside and i am still not finished....................this is becoming a monster but i am impressed by the look and can't wait to print it off, i will be making it available in several options from the whole set to end or middle sections, i am going to add inner detailing along with a floor, this will all add to cost so you will be able to choose what you have and what you can do without.

so with still a long way to do here are some WIP's to wet your appetitie

U Boat Project

Posted on 5 March, 2017 at 17:10 Comments comments (0)

A short while ago i had a call from Paul at Empress Miniatures asking me if i could do a U Boat design, it only needed to be from half way upwards as it would represent one on the surface.

well i took the challenge and initially it was just that. it pushed my abilities at the start but by the end not only was i very happy with the finished design i had learned several new techniques and even a new way of easily designing complicated curved surfaces and mirror imaging.

anyway i got there in the end after several not quite right attempts, the amount of tinkering and adjusting on this project was immense but the final result is always what makes it worthwhile.

Paul at Empress has designed the guns and periscope along with hatches that add the final detail not shown on the designs, i can easily design them but the printer results on tiny pieces are to say in one word crap.

anyway below is a series of pictures that show the project from start to finish.................Empress will be selling a 28mm scale version that will measure close to three feet long, i will list (eventually) some smaller scales but because it was his idea and project i dont feel comfortable selling them on my site and if i do it will be only with Empress permission.

not sure on prices just yet either as until its cast i wont know what it costs to make

i did the tower first to scale everything from that


then it was from the bottom up adjusting as i went



the general shape starting to come together


then its detailing time, very time consuming


but it all comes together in the end




empress have done their thing with the guns and some detailing so here are the ready for sale final pics

Brandenburg Gate

Posted on 1 March, 2017 at 15:10 Comments comments (0)

Its time to get back to masking some posts so lets start with this project, its been in the mind for a while and i was prompted the other day by a facebook contact from chine wenje wang, bless him he always asks and checks on my work but never quite buys anything.............but maybe one day i can tempt him................hes had been looking at my Reichstag for a while and mentioned i should do the Brandenburg Gate, which as i say i have always intended to do..........................well i googled some pictures and one thing i came to realise is there isn't actually much too it, what i mean by that is that its is a mass of columns and just a little bit of roof structure and statue pedestal a lot of it is duplicating components.

even now as i am typing this the printer is on a 14 hour 21 column printing run that will only be less than half needed for the whole set, but to keep costs of molding low most of this project will be x2 casting of the same part to make the full set, x4 on some occasions.

for the sake as well as final overall sale costs i scaled down the hieght and diameter of the main columns and again because this is an epic build it will be covering 20-28mm scales from the one mold

so for now the design pictures and i will post the printed parts as they come off the printer and eventually the molds and first casts until the final build





Airfield Control Tower

Posted on 21 July, 2016 at 0:50 Comments comments (0)

"mustn't call it Bishops Abbott, mustn't call it Bishops Abbott, must.............." 

oh hello all right then Thorpes Abbott has arrived in grand 1/48th scale, the heat of this week delayed my mold making session slightly as the stuff goes off really quick and sometimes that can result in no rubber in undercuts, anyway i did it and its done.

that mold is huge 4ft long...............even longer than my stalingrad train station and department store ones.

here is some pictures of the masters before molding, the first casts will be done tomorrow so i'll try and update then.

this piece was commissioned by David Engel in 1/48th scale, a new size for me and i am glad it was a relatively simple design to start with, however it wasn't a simple build as David wanted the entire innards doing too so i had to get the measurments just right.

i will put this on the webshop as i have no idea if there is a market for it but hey if its molded its for sale as they say.............well as i say anyway

the top shed, i say shed i presume it has a fancy name like lookout room, but either way it wasn't off the printer at time of pics

these were the internal walls

all of the pieces to the structure, except for the roof floorplan

the inner walls in place, they slot home

the outer walls, note the slot for the front balcony

with internals and outer steps................note the slot for the front balcony.............ah already said that............note the missing balcony as i hadn't made it yet

there you go for now, i'll get some actuals asap

8/7/16 update

Posted on 8 July, 2016 at 11:55 Comments comments (0)

Its been a busy old week, had a migrane to fit into it so there was half a day burnt away on nonethingness, but other than that some fruits of my labours are at the picture stage, these will all be added tonight in their respective sections.

i'll go through some here that are still a bit WIPy at this stage............but all are very close to finish.

a few years ago when i was starting out in my thoughts to produce these buildings i made a set of bunkers, i had an idea in my head to the simple process that would make them look realistic, this was to layer thin foamboard giving off the effect of poured concrete into wooden plank molds as the germans did t for theirs...............those first 3 bunkers you can buy now through warlords....they are £60 a set last time i looked and if you want to know how much i made on them it was about £25...............nothing to do with warlord more to do with my niave bussiness sense at that time and a flash talking ex salesman that promised the world...................i sonn realised he was talking to himself.....................................anyway bitterness out of the way i have decided to make my own new set that will enphasise the word in one much improved and two much cheaper.........hand made in exactly the same way and constisting of a lookout (machine gun) bunker, a medium bunker and a command bunker.........this set will be 20mm scale to start, quickly followed by 28 and 15 in that order.

its picture time so in their basic pre mold state here you go............just a quickie though i havent decided to cover the embanking yet or leave it for the buyer to either sand or flock.........i will probably leave it to keep costs and time wasting this end down.................................oh dear how rude of me to miss the little one out..........................i am thinking of adding this one as a free piece to anyoen that buys the set, the log bunker on the end, it will only be available with the gimmick time :-).....................or i might list it as well but still offer it free with the set...........who knows these decisions i have in my power

Generic Sets

Posted on 8 June, 2016 at 18:05 Comments comments (0)

This is something for my range i just need to add, something that you guys can use to make up city setups to your own needs, so the idea starts as and individual facia for the building, these will be 3-5 stories high and be highly detailed. they will have their own base to sit on but no other internals as they are t represent burnt out husks, the type you see in all of the bombed city fly overs.

each piece will initially be stand alone but this is where you the buyer will make your choices, as instead of corner columns you can byu mid length columns that join the facias together so you can stretch them out to for street lengths, the sides and rears to these will all be the same, with the facias giving each building its personality appearance.

now then dmage is the big question here as these are primariy to represent as i say burnt out husks, so in a lot of case the outer building itself was not overly damaged, having said that dmage to the structure is always something that can happen or even happen later s to try and represent this i am going to attempt to provide both in one.

the idea i have is the upper floor(s) for a hat that sits on the lower section, these floors can be removed to reveal a damaged underlayer, technically i have the ability and in my head i know how it will work, all i need to do now is make it so i can cast it from a mold so that for me is where the challenge will lie.

these will be ongoing so for now i will post you the first facia, this one is complete and none of the damage type stuff i talk about there...........this atual building is the most detailed one i have ever designed to date

the full facia, with corner column that will be seperate

ground leve'

the upper levels

the second facia is done, i will do five in total with the next being even more detailed structurally than these two

and here in the flesh....................well plastic although organic plastic at that is the first print that will become my master for the mold


i am more than happy with the detail and when painted should look pretty nice



Stalingrad Train Station

Posted on 31 May, 2016 at 14:35 Comments comments (0)

i have made this in master form at least 4 times trying to get it just how i want it, now finally i made the 20mm masters and molded them just in time to buy a 3D printer which would have saved me all of that time ;)

but hey what is time if its not filled with creating things so here i am with the first castings...........well first for myself having had the mold for over a year now, i have been waiting until i had the time to make it, and finish it.

so to be brief this is the castings from the hand made masters, these were all cardboard, foamboard based, with a hell of a lot of delicate measuring and even more carefully cut tiny parts, each component being individually made even for repeat peices. the reason i do this is so i can make the whole piece at the end from master pieces to make sure it works, whether i mold every piece or not is something i decide later.

so anyway babbling over we reach the stage where the mold is made and the pieces cast and the fruits of all that work can be realised.

i never seem to have an endgame on the big projects in that i build the whole bloody thing and then later realise it might not be sellable in that state, so i keep as many pieces seperate as i can so that i can sell them to enable the buyer to make his own setup.

right onto the build here are the pieces...........not geat pics as they are primed black, but doing a WIP meens its important to see the stages, you dont need the cast pics as they come out because they are as you see here but not black :roll:

i've laid them out in some kind of how they go together setup for my own curiousity more than anything

detail is hard to see but that will change when i add some colour

ok ok i ran out of space, the rest of the pieces

painting any building from back then is always a question of what did it really look like, some colour pics exist of buildings but that gives two problems, one has the building been rebuilt and has it been painted since the war, the other is what effect you are trying to attain in capturing the mood of the time.............for me i have gone for a dull grey look as this picture............

suggests that the building was lighter in tone than dark browns, so anyway i choose a more montone approach where there is enough colour to give it life but no more than that.

so painted sections done here is where i am at

next up its fixing sections incoming

i feel like frenkenstein when the monster was born and he knew he had created a monster...............but he didn't give up and neither will i.

so its time to fix some parts together and start to get a feel for the setup, for this project i will just work with the full set from one cast nd see where that leads me, so from this i have decided that one facia will be done with rear debris innards and whatever looks cool as extras.

but as i say first off is gluing some sections and starting to let it take shape, as you can see its rather large. but in reality this is for show and i could easily have buit some of the sections for rear ones and made a less sized piece overall, but thats for others.............for me it has t be this way.....................i actually have some old shelving so i am going to use one of those to be the base.

here we go are you ready ???????????????

a gentle start with the left hand side, pictures are a bit dark it seems

the main doorway at the left hand side to the platform

the complete span left to right of the 3 level sections

looking down right to left

mid sections

the far right end will be made up of the two storey level sections..............guess what glue i use ?

some various angle shots to enjoy

now who wants to see it in complete glory on its base???????????

well you will have to wait as i haven't got that far yet..................check back tomorrow and that will have changed

attempt number one ends with the quote "Brodie we are gonna need a bigger boat"

so i now have my longest available shelf.............fingers crossed

its only who would have thoguht that

a few quick pictures from different angles.............and yes a bonus point for those that have notices i added the damaged roof pieces

a bit of blue tac to stop them pieces that always try to fall just as i take the picture, makes it look a bit wobbly though :-)

ok thats enough of those, this is where it gets serious, i need to do a number of things bfor the next stage, first accomplished is the setup and then placing a few random rubble pieces to give a rough idea where the heavier rubbled area behind the walls needs to be, this is dictated where the walls have been damaged the most.

and now to the nity gritty, i use plaster for this ats its not nly easy to work with but also looks incredbly realistic when finished, first using some od hirst arts molds i make some slabs, these i glue in place all along where the walls footprint lies, as you will see later this gives me a great barrier for the floor detail and keeps the walls on the level no matter what i do to the surface elsewhere.

for now the walls are paced well out of the way and will only be used to make sure the slabs are placed right, they won't return again until all of the damage and rubble is complete.

now i need rubble...........lots and lots of rubble, so its casting plaster and letting it dry before smashing it up into piece with a hammer :mad:

some more update pictures in a few days as tomorrow i have other projects to do :)

Univermag Department Store

Posted on 28 May, 2016 at 9:45 Comments comments (0)

all done molded and ready to i wll cast one up this week see how it fits together, this has been ready for quite some time so hopefully i can get one painted in the coming weeks and see it in all of its glory.

its again one of my larger builds but could be made available in smaller forms, but this one was hand made so 20mm scale really.

here is the finished master, now the printer is in operation i can knock up some columns for that foorway too

ok so we are done, i will get this painted up and listed in the shop, the sale version wont have inner floors and the rear of the curved central plaza will be open for access reasons.

why i hear you ask............cost i reply, this piece wont exactly be cheap so i thnk the outer shell and rear walls will do and you can be creative with the interior.........silly as it sound because of the floor area and with it being 3 stories plus you would be doubling the price, anyway thats explained i will now show you my body in white pics, the curved frontage is a bit wibbly wobbly (i just wanted to fit those words into a post) because i havent fixed it yet, these will need some dipping in hot water to manipulate them into place when making as the natural shrinkage of the resin when drying makes it virtually impossible for them to be perfect...........but like i say a dunk into hot water and hey presto they become flexible for a few seconds to just edge into the right place.

thats only the bottom two floors by the way as the rest have inner damaged flooring that keeps them in shape, i may look to redesign these in time but believe me its not an issue really.

my resin casts look dirty...why? well because they dsort of are, the mold sat around in my garage for over a year and has got dirty, the best way to get it clean is to make a cast and that picks up the dirt........this is the cast i will use for mysef as the dirty dosen't effect painting as it becomes one with the resin............and any cast now will be clean so its only my piece that will look this way..............what can i say i am a dirty word really is to say the size of this like the train station allows it to be 20-28mm scale

here are the pictures

Queen Elizabeth Hospital

Posted on 28 May, 2016 at 7:45 Comments comments (0)

I have attempted a few large builds so far, mainly stalingrad based so this was a branch off from that, its difficult to really have a market for these so they inevitably will become available in various sizes........well two anyway, the main frontage or the whole bloomin lot.

for me to get what i want out of making them i have to do the whole thing (front facia that it) and then decide later as thats where the challenge and enyoyment in the making is for me.

this one isn't molded yet its just sitting in a box waiting to be sorted, i will have to recheck as i am not sure its 100% finished as its over tow years old so as usual you will have to make do with the masters in picture form for now.

i definately have roof sections to do, but this building will be a bit like a bighead in a bar.........all front

Carentan sets

Posted on 27 May, 2016 at 16:50 Comments comments (0)

these are some hand built masters i made over a year ago that its time to get molded, i have designed the same set which i will print off and use for other scales, it seems a terrible waste not only of my time i puy into these but also that they look pretty good not to use them...........which ultimately meens they would end up in the bin.

so i will.......well actually i am  molding them up right now, so the first casts should be out in a few days time.

but for now here are the masters, totally hand crafted from scratch

first off the all important real life pics

and the build

they will also be used when cast for the ongoing carentan build i have started