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  World of War Buildings in any scale 

Thanks for visiting!

I hope you can find everything you need. WOWBuildings is focused on providing high-quality service and customer satisfaction -I will do everything we can to meet your expectations.

My aim is to provide you the gamer/modeller with ultra fine detailed scale buildings that will enhance your gaming and model making pleasure.

I have put together this little information sheet so that you can get the most from your model, a few tips and a bit of advice to help you along the way.

first though i will explain why i have moved to printing, it was an easy decision, although initially until i get my new pprinters i will be a little slower in getting orders out, but the quality and improvements are well worth any of this.

problems with resin are ?

messy and unpredictable and wasteful.  you can get air bubbles, overcasting to trim and flash on edges along with the loss of detail and awkward joins, along with not being easy to fix together and even a small model is quite weighty, i could go on but those i have listed are enough on their own to look for alternatives.

so benefits of printing are ?

PLA is an organic sustainable and environmentaly friendly material, easy to paint with or without undercoat, acurate every time so joints fit and gluing is easy as its basically plastic and sticks with any glue, no loss of detail and possibly the two best properties are that it is not only light as a feather keeping postage to a minimum it is incredibly strong, drop it throw it hit it and it wont break, the lack of weight means it dosen't hit the floor with any force and it is not brittle so no damage occurs.

so a no brainer the switch is made.

now then some quick tips and advice on working with PLA, basically there isn't much to know.

painting ?  

acrylics or oils and brush or spray are all fine, no undercoat is needed but i always use a black one to help with shading etc.

fixing ?  any general adhesive will work nicely, no super glues or no nails needed just simple everyday glue

warping ?  this can happen and although i do all i can to avoid some pieces can warp a little, to fix this is easy, place the piece on a flat surface and get yourself a heavy book, pour boiling or very hot water over the piece, the whole piece will go very soft (as well as hot) so be carefull with handling, place the book gently on top and allow to cool naturally and you should have a nice flat some cases weighing down the edges works better where surface detail makes it hard to lay a book flat on the surface.  you only need to allow it to cool so its not a long wait, 5 mins or so.

drilling ? yes you can do so but remember it is plastic and the drill will melt the edges where it enters the piece so take you time and all will be fine.

ok i think that is about it however there are always questions and i like to make myself available so i have listed here easy ways to get hold of me, please don't hesitate to ask or enquire about anything you need to know or just want to know.

my facebook page is where i post everything i have on the go, its under my name but i try to keep it just related to my projects and there is a connecting page too for WOWBuildings, you are more than welcome to join me or message me there anytime

my webshop is where you will find everything i have for sale at any given time, i list on ebay but only a select few things, i intend to expand this site in the coming months

email me at

and even cal me on 07585 376 591

so thats it for now i hope you enjoy your gaming and that my little additions enhance the fun and realism.




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